Office Revision Questions and answers

Office Revision Questions and answers

  1. Highlight 4 qualities of an effective office manager – Suggested answers
  2. State 4 advantages of landscape office layout to an organization – Suggested answers
  3. Name 4 features of a landscape office layout – Suggested answers
  4. State the uses of the following office machines – Suggested answers
  5. List 4 reasons why most firms still prefer closed office layout to open one – Suggested answers
  6. Most organisations today have come up with customer care desks. Outline 4 functions that they play – Suggested answers
  7. State 4 ways in which it computerization contributes to the success of an organization. – Suggested answers
  8. Highlight 4 advantages of using a franking machine in an organisation – Suggested answers
  9. State 4 reasons why the computer is increasingly being used for reproducing documents in an office instead of a typewriter – Suggested answers
  10. Outline 4 merits of replacing manual systems with automated ones in carrying out office activities – Suggested answers
  11. State 4 measures that can be taken by an office to safeguard the property of the organization – Suggested answers
  12. State 4 ways in which office equipment may facilitate the operations in an organization – Suggested answers
  13. State 4 circumstances under which an organization may choose to sell out an office machine – Suggested answers
  14. Highlight 4 disadvantages of using modern technology in production – Suggested answers
  15. State 4 characteristics of a good filing system – Suggested answers
  16. State 4 modern trends in office management in Kenya – Suggested answers
  17. Name four equipment that can be available in the accounts office – Suggested answers
  18. Identify four qualities of a personal secretary – Suggested answers
  19. Give four characteristics of a good memo – Suggested answers
  20. Outline four duties of a company secretary – Suggested answers
  21. Mwita has introduced computers in his business operations, outline four benefits that he may experience – Suggested answers
  22. Highlight four ways in which an open office lay-out can contribute to efficiency in office operations – Suggested answers
  23. State four reasons why an organization should keep stock records for its office stationery – Suggested answers
  24. State four limitations of adoption of new technology by a business – Suggested answers
  25. State 4 measures that can be taken by an organization to ensure security of information and documents in the office – Suggested answers
  26. State 4 trends in office management. – Suggested answers
  27. Discuss 5 factors to be considered when enclosing a means of reproducing documents in an office – Suggested answers
  28. Explain 5 factors to consider when choosing a filling system to adopt – Suggested answers
  29. Discuss five consideration a business person may take into account when preparing a business plan – Suggested answers
  30. Explain five reasons why modern government offices have adopted the open office layout as opposed to enclosed plan layout – Suggested answers
  31. Explain five reasons why effective filling is important in an office – Suggested answers
  32. Identify and explain five characteristics of an efficient office layout – Suggested answers
  33. Discuss 5 factors an organization will consider when selecting an office layout – Suggested answers
  34. Outline 5 advantages of a paperless office – Suggested answers
  35. Explain any 5 uses of a computer in an office. – Suggested answers
  36. State 4 reasons why shopping malls have become popular in Kenya – Suggested answers
  37. Explain five reasons why a business may replace an old machine with a new one – Suggested answers
  38. Describe five qualities that a manager is expected to have in order to promote teamwork among members of the staff – Suggested answers
  39. Explain 4 factors a manager would consider before buying office equipment for the organization – Suggested answers
  40. Explain five ways in which a firm can improve the productivity of its human resource – Suggested answers
  41. Explain five benefits that accrue to a business that conducts trade through E- commerce/Website – Suggested answers
  42. Explain five acceptable codes of behavior in an office – Suggested answers
  43. Explain five factors to consider when buying office equipment. – Suggested answers

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