Population and employment Revision Questions and Answers

1. Explain the following terms as used in business
i) Census
ii) Unemployment
iii) Mortality…
iv) Optimum population.
2. Highlight four negative implications of a rapid population growth in developing countries
3. State five causes of unemployment in Kenya
4. Highlight four challenges passed to a country by a rapidly growing population

5. The table below shows a change in population size in country X for a period of four
Year Total population
(000 000)
2001 40
2002 26
2003 13
2004 9
6. Give four reasons to account for this trend
7. Give four advantages of high population growth rate
1. Explain five circumstances under which a high population growth may be desirable.
2. Explain four shortcomings of self employment
3. Explain five implications of an ageing population in a country
4. Explain four steps that Kenya can take to solve her employment problems

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