Communication Revision Questions and Answers

1. The following are special delivery services provided by the post office:-post rest ante, speed post, business reply service, express delivery. Match each description with the term
a) The arrangements to deliver the mail starts at the sender’s post office
b) The arrangement to deliver the mail starts at the addressees post office
c) Services offered to travelers who wish to receive correspondence while
away from home
d) Service that relieves the customer of postage expenses
2. State four advantages of sending parcels using courier firms
3. Outline four reasons why communication may not be effective
4. State four essential components for communication to take place
5. List four forms of communication
6. State four circumstances under which verbal communication may be preferred to written communication in a business enterprise
7. State any four current trends in communication in Kenya todayPSE

1. Explain five positive effects of introducing mobile phones in communication industry in Kenya.
2. Explain any five benefits that may accrue to an organization that uses effective communication
3 . Outline five disadvantages of sirens as a form of communication that is popular with ambulances and the police
4 Discuss five advantages of mobile phones in communication
5 Explain five factors which may hinder effective communication

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