Business Law notes/Elements of Law: KNEC Diploma

Business law/Elements of Law KNEC Diploma has the following Topics covered. To open these notes click on the titles of the topics:
Topic 1: Introduction to business Law
Topic 2: Structure and jurisdiction of courts in Kenya
Topic 3: Elements of public law
Topic 4: Law contract
Topic 5: Agency
Topic 6: Law of tort
Topic 7: Law of Succession
Topic 8: Law of Property
Topic 9: Employment Law
Topic 10: Emerging issues and trends in Business law

After passing this module unit, the trainee should be able to:

  • Recognize the sources of law in Kenya
  • Demonstrate an understanding on the nature and jurisdiction of courts in Kenya
  • Apply the elements of public law while dealing with other citizens
  • Apply the law of contract carrying out business transactions
  • Apply the principles of law of agency in executing business activities
  • Apply the law of tort in business activities
  • Recognize the role of the law of succession application in business
  • Apply the employment law in resolving employment problems
  • Demonstrate competency to make legally sound decision
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