Quantitative Techniques notes: KNEC Diploma

Quantitative Techniques notes for KNEC Diploma. to access notes on the respective topics click on the tiles

Topic 1: Introduction to quantitative techniques

Topic 2: Correlation and regression

Topic 3: Linear Programming

Topic 4: Matrices

Topic 5: Index numbers

Topic 6: Time series

Topic 7: Network Analysis

Topic 8: Introduction to Calculus

Topic 9: Inventory Control Models

Topic 10: Financial Mathematics

Topic 11: Probability and Probability Distributions

Topic 12: Tests of hypothesis

Topic 13: Emerging trends and issues in quantitative techniques

At module unit, the trainee should be able to:

  • Use quantitative techniques in business management
  • Apply quantitative techniques in decision making
  • Apply network analysis in project management
  • Cope with the emerging trends and issues in quantitative techniques

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