Entrepreneurship Revision Questions and answers

Entrepreneurship Revision Questions and answers

  1. What are the factors that have contributed to the growth of entrepreneurship in Kenya. – Suggested answers
  2. Outline four reasons for establishment of a business enterprise – Suggested answers
  3. State four reasons to consider when evaluating a viable business opportunity – Suggested answers
  4. A surgeon set up a clinic in a distant rural centre. The business was closed after six months. Identify four possible causes for the failure – Suggested answers
  5. State four reasons why the government of Kenya is encouraging entrepreneurial knowledge in schools – Suggested answers
  6. Identify four benefits of entrepreneurship to the developing economies such as Kenya – Suggested answers
  7. Identify 4 gaps that may create a business opportunity in the market – Suggested answers
  8. Outline 4 factors that may hinder entrepreneurship in Kenya – Suggested answers
  9. State 4 roles of an entrepreneur in production – Suggested answers
  10. State 4 problems that may be faced by entrepreneurs without business plan – Suggested answers
  11. State 4 sources of business ideas – Suggested answers
  12. Highlight 4 measures that the government may take to encourage entrepreneurship in the country – Suggested answers
  13. Highlight 4 factors that favour entrepreneurial growth in Kenya today – Suggested answers
  14. State 4 advantages of business plan to a business – Suggested answers
  15. Mention 4 components of a good business plan – Suggested answers
  16. The government of Kenya though the Ministry of Trade and Industry has developed policies to promote entrepreneurship. Explain five importance of such initiative to the economy of Kenya – Suggested answers
  17. Entrepreneurship is becoming the driving force behind most economies in the world and most governments support it. Explain why entrepreneurship is important to these economies – Suggested answers
  18. Explain five factors that may hinder entrepreneurship development in Kenya – Suggested answers
  19. Explain any five reasons why a new business may fail – Suggested answers
  20. Explain any five factor to be considered when evaluating a business ideas – Suggested answers
  21. Explain five ways in which the government of Kenya can promote entrepreneurial development in her economy. – Suggested answers
  22. Explain 5 factors that hinder entrepreneurial activities – Suggested answers
  23. Explain 5 circumstances under which an entrepreneur would prepare a business plan – Suggested answers
  24. Explain 5 challenges that may be experienced by a new entrepreneur in Kenya – Suggested answers

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