Product promotion Revision Questions and Answers

1. For each of the following production activities, indicate whether it is direct or indirect type of

Activity Type  of  production
i) An individual washing  his own clothes
ii) An individual supplying beef  in an area
iii) An individual  operating  a  food  kiosk
iv) An individual producing  maize  for  his  family   consumption

2. Write in full the following abbreviations:
i) Franco
ii) O.N.
iii) C.W.O
iv) I.O.U
3. Explain the factors that have led to dominance of subsistence production despite development
in technology in Kenya.
4. Identify the type of utility created in the following circumstances

    Activity                                                       Utility
 a) Carpentry
b) Selling bread to students
c) Warehousing of goods imported
d) Carriage of cargo to the market

5. Outline four ways in which the productivity of land can be improved
6. State four ways in which a society benefits from indirect production
7. Outline four disadvantages of division of labour and specialization
8. Distinguish between the following types of utilities:-
(a) Form utility
(b) Place utility
9. A worker has been working as a mechanic for two years. However, he thinks of changing to
another occupation
10. List four features of land as a factor of production
11. Highlight four factors that could influence mobility of capital as a factor of production
12 Highlight four types of utility and identify how each is created by production
13. Give four characteristics of indirect production 04 – PRODUCTION

1. Outline five differences between direct production and indirect production

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