Chain of distribution Revision Questions and Answers

1. Identify the type of utility created in the following circumstances
2. State four roles played by intermediaries in the chain of distribution
3. Highlight four consequences of eliminating a wholesaler from a chain of distribution
4. Outline four factors used to determine the distribution of Omo, as a common household detergent in Kenya
5. State four circumstances under which it would be advisable for a manufacturer to sell directly to consumers
6. Dady a traders at Kibigori trading centre wishes to import goods from Brand
kamp , a Germany Describe four channels of distribution that Dady’s goods are likely to take to reach his consumers at Kibgori
7. Kenya co-operative creameries (KCC) sell its dairy products directly to retailers. Highlight four factors that were considered in the choice of this channel of Distribution Activity Utility
a) Carpentry
b) Selling bread to students
c) Warehousing of goods imported
d) Carriage of cargo to the marketPSE
1. Explain five possible effects that would result if wholesalers were eliminatedfrom a chain of distribution
2. Manufacturers distribute their products to the final consumers through various channels.
3. Explain circumstances under which a producer would sell directly to retailers
4. Discuss the factors that influence the choice of distribution channel
5. Outline six circumstances under which a manufacturer may prefer to sell goods directly to consumers

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