Public finance Revision Questions and Answers

1. Outline four short comings of a country borrowing heavily from internal and external sources
2. Mention four cannons of taxation
3. State four reasons why government levy taxes
4. Identify four methods that a government can use to finance a national budget deficit
5. Match the following types of taxes with the appropriate description given below:- Corporate tax, Customs duty, Estate duty, Excise duty

Tax Description
(a) Is a tax levied on manufactured goods
(b) Is a tax levied on wealth of a person after his death
(c) Is a tax levied on entry of goods into a country
(d) Is a tax levied on profits of business enterprises

6. Highlight any four features of a good tax system
7. Outline five principles of taxation
8. Differentiate between progressive and regressive taxation giving an example of each
9. Highlight four advantages of direct tax
10. Highlight four sources of revenue to the local authorities

1. Discuss five principles of taxation
2. Outline five sources of non- tax public revenue
3. Explain five principles of public expenditure
4. Highlight five reasons for imposition of tax by the government
5. Discuss five characteristics of a good tax system
6. Outline five reasons why the Kenya government must impose tax.

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