Transport Revision Questions and Answers

1. State four circumstances that make rail transport more desirable than road
2. Highlight four measures that the government can take to make road transport in our
country to be more efficient
3. Marine transport is one of the important means of transport is Kenya. Give four disadvantages of this form of transport
4. Outline three features of tramps that distinguish them from other sea transporters
6. Outline four factors that have limited adoption of containerization in Kenya
7. G4S Limited Company offer courier services to provide safe transportation services. Highlight four other services offered by G4S Limited
8. Outline four differences between liners and tramps as in sea transport
9. Bucket ltd is an international pharmaceutical company. Under what circumstances can the firm
send its products to customers by air transport?

1 Explain five benefits that will accrue to a country due to use of pipeline in transporting
oil products
2 Highlight five circumstances under which a trader may choose to transport goods by rail.
3 Discuss the factors that influence the choice of distribution channel
4 Kenya and Uganda are making efforts to improve their railway transport system. What are the benefits of this form of transport
5 Discuss the advantages of pipeline as a mode of transporting oil products

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