Production Revision Questions and answers

Production Revision Questions and answers

  1. State ways in which a society benefits from indirect production – Suggested answers
  2. Outline ways in which the productivity of land can be increased – Suggested answers
  3. List the benefits that subsistence producer may get by participating in production – Suggested answers
  4. State functions of an entrepreneur in production – Suggested answers
  5. Give reasons why Kenya should use methods of production that rely more on labour than machinery – Suggested answers
  6. Highlight four ways in which an entrepreneur contributes to the production of goods – Suggested answers
  7. Outline four reasons why production in the subsistence sector is usually low – Suggested answers
  8. Outline four reasons why a multi-national company may prefer setting up a production unit in developing country instead of exporting finished goods to the country – Suggested answers
  9. Outline 4 characteristics of direct production – Suggested answers
  10. List four functions of entrepreneurs as a factor of production – Suggested answers
  11. State 4 ways in which production activities may negatively impact on community health – Suggested answers
  12. Highlight four factors that could influence mobility of capital as a factor of production – Suggested answers
  13. State 4 advantages of division of labour – Suggested answers
  14. State four factors that may affect the geographical mobility of labour – Suggested answers
  15. Explain five benefits of division of labour to an organization – Suggested answers
  16. State four characteristics of indirect production – Suggested answers
  17. Outline 4 ways in which land influences the location of industries – Suggested answers
  18. State 4 occupations engaged in tertiary level of production – Suggested answers
  19. Give any four reasons why occupational mobility of skilled labor is low – Suggested answers

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