Benefits of division of labour to an organization

Benefits of division of labour to an organization

  • Less time is spent in completing a job/ saves time/faster/quicker/speedier. There is less movement by workers. No/minimal changing from doing one work to another.
  • Increased production/quantity/output– People become more expert/specialist at their jobs as they do it repeatedly (hence increasing productivity)
  • Standardized goods/uniform goods- Goods produced are of uniform quality due to use of machines/work can be automated leading to lower costs of production
    /making work easier/efficient.
  • Better/improved/enhanced management- This facilitates control/co- ordination/Planning/directing/accountability/staffing/evaluation/organization/sup ervision.
    High quality goods/service produced- People concentrate in doing jobs for which they are best suited(which improve quality of output)/repeating same task/repeating same task/specialization.
  • Increased creativity/invention/innovation- the organization may tap workers talents and skills which may help to modify existing products/develop new products/initiate new methods of production/technology/discover new markets.
  • Improved efficiency –due to better use of resources/ improve image/reputation of the organization

benefits of division of labour to an organization

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