Financial Accounting notes: KNEC diploma

Financial Accounting KNEC Diploma module unit study notes. Click on the topic File To open pdf notes
Topic 1: Introduction to Accounting
Topic 2: Accounting Concepts, Conventions and Bases
Topic 3: Source Documents
Topic 4: Books of Original Entry
Topic 5: The Ledger and the Trial Balance
Topic 6: Types of Errors and their Correction
Topic 7: Single entry and Incomplete Records
Topic 8: Final Accounts for Sole Proprietorship
Topic 9: Adjustments to Final Accounts
Topic 10: The Cashbook
Topic 11: Petty Cashbook
Topic 12: Bank Reconciliation Statements
Topic 13: Capital and Revenue Expenditure
Topic 14: Control Accounts
Topic 15: Accounting for Fixed Assets
Topic 16: Non-Profit Making Organizations
Topic 17: Emerging Trends and Issues in financial Accounting
At the end of the unit, the trainee should be able to:

  • Apply of accounting principles in business bookkeeping
  • Record financial information of an organisation
  • Detect and correct book keeping errors
  • Prepare final accounts for an organisation

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  1. Hello i really need the soft copy complete notes for the following units in Supply chain management
    1. Economics
    2. Financial ACCOUNTING
    3. Warehousing and stock control
    4. Office organisation

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