Cross Referencing

It’s possible for a correspondence to be filed in 2 or 3 different files but only one file is available.

A good cross reference system is needed .It’s a form of a card or folder directing a person to where a document which can be filed under more than one is found.

E.g. A letter Akola-Okubu might be filed under Akola-okuba file or in Okubu-Akola file

Where a letter from Akola-Okubu is filed under Okubu-Akola file a cross reference card is put under Akol-Okubu file to direct where it’s located’




In big firms where a photocopying machine is available, several copies are made and filed in all relevant files reach bearing the information on where the original is.

Importance of cross referencing

  • when more than one name is used by a person or company
  • when correspondence may be sought under more than one name
  • when firm is known by its initials
  • when the name has changed

Marking absent files (out card)

If a file is likely to be removed for a couple of days marked folders should be inserted in the place to collect any paper referring to the absent file.

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