An index is a device for finding the position of a document or file in a system quickly and easily

Filing index helps the location of any letter, record, files etc. Thus it provides quick reference which is essential of a good filing system

Classification and indexing are not the same.

Classification – is a method of filing and the manner in which the files of different subjects are arranged.

Indexing – is a method of making reference to the files

Importance of indexing

  • Indexing is an essential part of a good filing system as it is a guide
  • It provides a ready reference
  • It facilitates easy location of files
  • Even if the files are arranged in self-indexing methods, index will further speed the work.
  • It possesses minimum information

Types of indexing

1. Page index

This is when the contents of a particular folder or cabinet are summarized on a piece of paper together with their position and placed at either the front or back of the folder e.g. one found at the back of a text book

2. Loose card indexes

This is a small cards showing the names of all correspondents and the files where their information is filed,

The cards are kept together and whenever a file or documents is required, reference is first made to where it is located.

3. Visible card index

They are filed together with the documents and overlap so that one line of entry on each card projects and is visible thus forming one line index.

4. Strip index

The cards stand upright in cabinet drawer boxes. The name and other identifying features are exposed to view. The cards are sub divided into section using letters of alphabet with projecting guide cards.

This system is useful where correspondence is removed frequently for reference.

Strip index

It’s the method of recording information on a strip of paper for quick reference. The strips are bound together one on top of the other with a position of each one being visible

This system is useful where correspondence is removed frequently for reference.

5. Punched card index

A series of holes are punched in the edge of each card, each hole represents on item of information such as department, age, gender etc.

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