Wholesaler refer to a firm engaged primarily in wholesaling activity, while wholesaling refers to all the activities involved in selling goods and services to those buying for resale/business use.

Functions of Wholesaling

  • Selling and promoting
  • Buying and assortment (a group of similar things having different sizes, color and quality) building
  • Bulk-breaking
  • Warehousing (storage).
  • Price stability –This is possible mainly due to storage  that happens .During low production seasons, stored goods  are released in the market and stabilize supply in the market.
  • Transportation
  • Financing
  • Risk bearing
  • Market information (advice) due to contact with manufacturers
  • Management services and advice




Sells goods from his warehouse

Sells goods from shop

Can be located else where

Located at complicated centers to offer what is supplied

Need large capital base to start

Need smaller capital to start

Need large storage space

Need smaller storage space

Sells on cash basis

Sells in credit and cash.

Specialise in buying and selling few types of commodities

Buy and sell different commodities

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