Ways of Dealing with Conflict

  • Adjudication – This is a legal way of solving disputes, a judge listens to the views of both sides and makes a judgment that brings an end to the conflict the parties involved do not have much choice over who listens to the case. The judge has the authority to state the cause of action to be taken by the parties involved in the conflict.
  • Arbitration The parties in conflict agree on a third party who listen to each side and then makes a decision. Both parties must agree on the third party before the conflict resolutions proceed. They must agree to participate in the process and abide by the verdict.
  • Mediation It is a process in which the parties in conflict involve a third person whom they both consider to be impartial to help them reach an agreement. The mediation only facilitates discussions between the two parties.
  • Negotiation It is the process through which the parties in conflict hold discussions in order to come to an agreement it involves marking offers and comprises by both parties until a common agreement is reached.
  • Resolution – In this method of conflict resolution discussion are held to establish the cause of conflicts the parties concern then agree on a specific cause of action which is called RESOLUTION.
  • Reconciliation This method (reconciliation) of conflict resolution places emphasis on abolishing or reestablishing good relation between those who are in conflict. This is done by encouraging conversation by violators and forgiveness by victims. It is the basis for the formation of tne and reconciliation commissions.
  • Transformation Conflict transformation involves changing various aspects of society in order to solve conflicts and to prevent such conflicts from reoccurring. It involves going to the roots of the conflict and carrying out radical changes transforming relationships that led to the occurrence of the conflict of the first place.

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