Types of Office Plans

This refer to how the office premises are to be divided up for the purpose of carrying out the different functions of an office

Open office

Consists of a large hall, or room wherein the entire clerical staff seat and work

Advantages of open office

  • Better space utilization is possible because space has not been lost by partitions
  • The supervisors feel easy to watch the office
  • It’s possible to reduce the number of supervisors
  • The layout of the office can be altered or changed easily
  • There is more economy in arrangement of light
  • It reduces the movement of staff
  • Better working conditions possible
  • Decoration, cleaning and maintenance can be done inexpensively


  • Work will be affected by visitors and movement of the office staff themselves
  • There is internal noise, because conversation and talk in the office
  • Infections and diseases may spread quickly
  • Secrecy can’t be maintained
  • The office will appear to be a crowded place
  • Top executives may not feel comfortable in an open office
  • A big hall may not be efficiently supervised

Partitioned or private offices

These offices are small rooms occupied by departments. Each department will be placed in each  room. Such rooms are allotted by considering the nature of confidential matter to be dealt in or for top official etc.

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