Provisions Regarding Trade Union Funds

The funds of a trade union, employers’ organization or federation may be used only for the following purposes:

  1. Payment of salaries, allowances and expenses to its officials.
  2. The payments of expenses for the administration of the trade union, employers’ organization or federation including auditing of its accounts.
  3. The prosecution o defense of any legal proceedings to which the trade union, employers organization or federation or any member thereof is a party.
  4. The conduct of trade disputes on its behalf or on behalf of any member thereof.
  5. The compensation of members for loss arising out of trade disputes.
  6. the payment of allowances to members or to their dependants on account of death, old age, sickness, accidents or unemployment of those members.
  7. Payment of subscriptions and fees to any registered federation to which it is affiliated.


Deduction of trade union dues

Trade union dues means a regular subscription to be paid to a trade union by a member of the trade union a condition of membership. A trade union may, in the prescribed form, request the minister to issue an order directing an employer to;

  1. Deduct trade union dues from the wages of its members
  2. Pay monies so deducted into a specified account of the trade union

An employer in respect of whom the minister has issued an order shall commence deducting the trade union dues from an employee’s wages within thirty days of the trade union serving a notice signed by the employees in respect of whom the employer is required to make a deduction.

An employer may not make any deduction from an employee who has notified the employer in writing that the employee has resigned from the union.

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