Place Revision Questions

  1. Lopta ltd intends to make delivery process more effective. Explain ways in which an organization would capture this objective (10 marks)
  2. Sungu ltd manufactures a wide range of household products. Highlight the benefits the organization could derive from the intensive distribution strategy (10 marks)
  3. Many organizations today are using online distribution methods for their products. Explain benefits that accrue to the firms who do so (12 marks)
  4. State 3 channels that an organization may use to distribute its consumer goods (3 marks)
  5. Explain 6 reasons that may make an organization to distribute its products through use of retailers(12 marks)
  6. Reasons that would make it necessary for a firm to use intermediaries in distribution of its goods
  7. Jomu ltd is an appointed distributor of soft drinks. Highlight 5 functions that the company can play as a distributor (10 marks)
  8. State 3 types of middlemen in the distribution channel(3 marks)
  9. Explain 6 reasons why an organization may opt to use retailers in it products distribution (9 marks)
  10. Explain 6 reasons that would make a manufacturer opt to use retailers for the distribution of its products (9 marks)
  11. Explain 6 factors that a firm may consider when choosing a mode of transportation for its products (9 marks)
  12. Explain 5 major types of retailers found in market today (10 marks)
  13. Explain 5 functions performed by warehousing (10 marks)
  14. Peter, a marketing manager of Imani Sacco intends to select channel members for Sacco products. Explain the 4 channel levels that he may consider selecting (8 marks)
  15. Explain 6 functions of wholesalers in the distribution process (12 marks)
  16. Accra Ltd is a new firm that intends to start distributing its products. Explain 5 factor that will influence distribution activities (10 marks)
  17. List 4 types of information that retailers should communicate to consumers when selling a product (4 marks)
  18. Explain 4 consumer related factors that a marketer should consider when choosing a channel of distribution (8 marks)
  19. Twist Ltd has decided to change its distributors. Explain 4 reasons for this decision (8 marks)
  20. State 3 features of a product that may influence the type of distribution channels to be used (3 marks)

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