Customer Care Revision Questions

  1. Poor customer care in an organization can manifest itself in various ways, outline these ways (10 marks)
  2. List 3 objectives of customer care programme in an organization (3 marks)
  3. Customers of ABC Co. Ltd have been complaining about the process of the organization explain 4 reasons for such complaints (8 marks)
  4. Explain 5 roles of customer care services in an organization (10 marks)
  5. Outline 3 reasons why an organization would find it necessary to establish a customer care unit (3 marks)
  6. The customers of Kikwe Ltd lately have been complaining about the organization process in service delivery. Explain 6 reasons for such complaints ( 9 marks)
  7. Explain 4 roles of customer care department in an organization (8 marks)
  8. The customers of Saphi Limited have lately been complaining about the delivery process being too slow. Explain 4 measures that the organization could adopt to rectify this situation (8 marks)
  9. Discuss 5 ways of responding to customers complaints about a company products (10 marks)
  10. State 3 reasons that make a customer complain about the level of service provision in an organization (3 marks)
  11. Explain 4 ways in which an organization could assess level of customer satisfaction (8 marks)
  12. The marketing manager of Tiwi Limited has noticed an increased level of customer complaints on quality of service provided. Explain measures that he should take to minimize the level of complaints (10 marks)

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