Office security

In large organizations, office security is a major problem for office managers
Everyday risks pilferage or theft of cash and materials by staff or public has to be faced by almost all organization
To protect confidentiality of office secrets as well as the assets and employees against such risks, an adequate security arrangement for the office is essential

Causes of security hazards

  • No check on unauthorized and undesirable visitors
  • Unguarded entrances and exits of the office building and compound
  • Leaving windows and skylight opens
  • Access of all and sundry to confidential documents of all kinds
  • Copying of confidential documents by unauthorized persons
  • No checking of visitors brief-cases
  • Access to cash and safes by too many people and keeping of too much cash on the premises
  • No control over keys of safes and doors
  • No check on taking of files and documents out of the office by staff
  • Staff talking freely of confidential matters inside and outside the office
  • Cars and good vehicle left unguarded in places where these can be tampered with
  • No system of checking in and out of the staff and outsiders leaving open chances of pilferage of stationery, office equipment etc.
  • No security vetting of newly recruited staff

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