Office safety

Accidents can do happen to office employees; serious accidents may cause permanent disability and at least prolonged hospitalization

Nature of accidents

Accidents in offices may be caused by

  • Exposed electric wire in loose connection
  • Slippery floors or loose carpeting
  • Open drawers of desks or filing cabinets
  • Tilting backwards in reclining chairs
  • Sharp edges of office equipment, broken glass etc.
  • Unguarded moving parts of office machines
  • Pencils, sharpeners, pins etc.
  • Running or rapid walking along stairways or through doorways
  • Reading while walking along passages
  • Inadequate lighting or worn out tread on stairways

Causes of accidents

  1. Mechanical causes
  2. Physiological causes
  3. Psychological causes

Measures for ensuring safety

  • Provision of safe working place
  • Safeguarding hazardous machines and equipment
  • Provision of safety clothing
  • Maintenance of orderliness and cleanliness
  • Provision of first aid service
  • Provision of fire lighting equipment
  • Safety education and training of employees
  • Promoting safety consciousness

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