Meaning of contract of service/contract of employment

Employment contract means an agreement, whether oral or written to employ an employee for a period of time

Laws governing contract of employment include:

In Kenya employment is governed by the general law of contract. Thus employment is basically seen as an individual relationship negotiated by the employee and the employer according to their special needs. A number of laws have been passed specifically dealing with different aspects of the employer-employee relationship. These laws defined the terms and conditions of employment and consist mainly of four Acts of parliament:

  1. The employment Act (cap.226)
  2. The regulation of wages and conditions of employment Act(cap.229)-Makes rules governing wages, leaves and rest, health and safety and special position of children and women and termination of employment)
  3. The Factories Act(cap 514)-Deals with the health, safety and welfare of an employee who works in a factory.
  4. The work injury benefit Act(cap.253)


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