Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health

Under the statutes such as the Factories Act (cap 514),the occupational safety and health Act,2007,the Employment Act(cap 226) and the Regulation of wages and conditions of employment Act(Cap 229) employers have a duty to provide safe working conditions and to take reasonable care to ensure the health and safety of employees. In the course of their employment, employees can be subject to various dangers that can cause injury, disease or death. These include factory or workplace accidents which can arise from tools, equipments or machinery that can injure, explosions and fires, occupational diseases and motor vehicle accidents.

Most of the legal provisions regarding health and safety at work are covered in the Factories Act(cap 514) of 1951 which is an act of parliament to make provision for the health, safety and welfare of persons employed in factories and  welfare of persons employed in factories and other places and for matters incidental thereto and connection therewith. The act was repealed by the occupational safety and Health (OSHA) 2007 which is defined as an act of parliament to provide for the safety, health and welfare of workers and all persons lawfully present at workplace, to provide for the establishment of the national council for occupational safety and health and for connected purposes.


Meaning of factory

Factory means any premises in which persons are employed in manual labour.

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