Discuss the various aspects of filing cabinets

  • A file is a collection of papers or documents dealing with one person or topic
  • The equipment in which they are kept is known as a file cover or binder
  • Filing equipment includes file cover and filing cabinets.
  • These are different types of file covers

1. Box files

These have a solid box like construction and spring loaded compression pad which holds down the filled material firmly

Box files may be used to keep letters, leaflets, catalogues etc.

2. Lever arch files

These contain metal devices opened and closed in the center of the folder operated by the lever

3. Concerting files

These are made up of a number of succession pockets into which similar documents can be collected readily for processing like petty cash vouchers and such documents which don’t need to be punched e.g. certificate etc.

4. Ring binders

These are made of hard covers and two or more rings which open to allow the insertion and removal of documents

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