Why Project Management

Reasons to do Project Management; Project Management in itself helps to;

  1. Clearly defines plans of the project before it begins – planning cannot be ignored, management tries to tame chaos by mapping out clear plans of the project from start to end
  2. Establishes an agreed schedule – schedules help eliminate delays or overruns and provide a plan to be followed
  3. Creates a base for teamwork – people are required to work as a team on a project this is due to team synergy benefits through sharing and support of knowledge and skills.
  4. Resources are maximized – both human and financial resources tend to be expensive project tracking and project risk management ensure all resources are used efficiently and accounted economically
  5. Helps to manage integration – project that are completed within an organization are usually integrated with wider business processes and systems
  6. Helps to keep control of costs – is important to keep on budget and to control spending project management greatly reduces the risk of budget overruns.
  7. Helps manage change – change is something all organizations face projects must be prepared to face changes and deviation from original plan project management allows for effective change management and makes it less of a complex task
  8. Creates opportunity for learning – project may work out perfectly or fail miserably either way much is learned in the process project management ensures these lessons are learned and applied in future.
  9. To accelerate improvements and strengthening of company’s management through implementing of ideas of participatory management.
  10. To adopt systems engineering approach that help deal with risks effectively.
  11. To accomplish specific changes that are linked to company’s strategies

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