Characteristics of Projects

Key Characteristics of Projects:

  1. Has an objective: A definable result, output or product that is typically defined in terms of cost, the quality and timing of the output from the project activities.
  2. Complexity: many different tasks are required to be undertaken to achieve a project’s objective.The relationship between these tasks can be complex.
  3. Uniqueness: a project is usually a ‘one-off’ not a repetitive undertaking. Even repeat projects e.g. road construction to the same specification, will have differences in terms of resources used & the environment.
  4. Temporary nature: has a start and an end
  5. Life cycle: Conception, planning and organizing phase, implementing, closure and handover.
  6. Customer specific nature: a project is always made to the order of its customer who specifies the requirement
  7. Sub-contracting: the more the complexity of the project ,the more the extent of sub-contracting
  8. Risk and uncertainty: The degree of uncertainty will depend on how a project has passed through its various life cycle phases
  9. Team work: a project calls for team work from members of various disciplines (profession), organizations and sometimes countries all working together to meet the project goals.
  10. Control mechanism: like time schedule, cost, so as to achieve the desired level of quality and reliability.

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