Tools of Public Relations

  1. Publications – this is published material used to reach and influence the target market e.g. Annual reports, articles, company newsletters, audio visual materials etc.
  2. Events – this are special events such as conferences, seminars, outings, anniversaries, sports, cultural sponsorships that are used to reach the target market.
  3. Speeches – talks before large audiences especially at trade association meetings in order to build the company’s image.
  4. Public service activities(corporate social responsibility) – this is contributing time and money to good courses in order to build a good public image/public good will e.g. giving funds to children homes, building roads, financial support in education sector e.g. wings to fly programme etc.
  5. News – this involves developing a good story concept and getting the media to accept to feature it.
  6. Identity media – because companies compete for attention a company needs a visual identity that the public immediately recognizes e.g. logos on uniforms, stationery, business cards etc.

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