Benefits and Growth of Direct Marketing

These are direct communications with carefully targeted individual consumers to obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationships. The new direct marketing models include: advances in direct marketing include emergence of catalog companies, direct mailers and telemarketers.

Benefits and Growth of Direct Marketing


  • Easier to know the current models in the market as per ones needs
  • Convenient
  • Wealth of comparative information is allowed.
  • Interaction and immediate feedback is possible
  • Privacy is enhanced.
  • Enhances greater product access and selection.


  1. It is a tool for customer relationship buildings, better targeting and customerization.
  2. It can be timed to reach prospects at just right moment.
  3. Higher readership and response is enhanced.
  4. There are numerous internet and online benefits which one enjoys ranging from,
    • Reduce costs and increased speed and efficiency.
    • Avoids expenses of rent, insurance utilities (owning a store).
    • Improve efficiency of channel and logistic functions.
    • Costs less than communicating on paper through the mail
    • Greater flexibility is enhanced in terms of production quotas and the needs of customers.
    • It is usually a global medium-i.e. across all nations.

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