Store Layout

Store layout refers to the detailed floor plan of the storage area for locating each item to be placed in the store after receipt till it is issued for consumption. It is the internal arrangement of the store where the store is divided into blocks of storage space, bins, racks, shelves and containers.

The main objectives of store layout are:

  1. Minimize material handling efforts and costs within storage area.
  2. Maximize space utilization of store space.
  3. Ensure adequacy of storage space and accessibility of the location.
  4. Minimize retrieval and issue time to the consumer.
  5. Facilitate safety and security of materials and persons within the store.
  6. Provide good working ambience i.e. ventilation, illumination, housekeeping, and cleanliness.
  7. Minimize loss, pilferage and damage of materials while in store
  8. Facilitate ease of physical counting
  9. Provide flexibility of arrangement for future expansion or rearrangement.
  10. Minimize costs of store operations i.e. manpower costs, insurances, premium, perishability and controlled conditions for storage space.

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