Methods of providing stores security a warehouse

Stores security can be provided through the use of internal security management or contracting a security firm.


 1. Internal security management

This is where the organization relies on stores management staff to control stores security.

The measures include;

  • Stock records maintain accurate stock record for all materials in the warehouse.
  • Physical stock checkingconduct stock checking on the physical balances of stocks in the shelves so that they tally with the record.
  • Entry into the store – restricts unauthorized staff from trespassing into the store and ensures you check their gate pass.
  • Lightingensure there is adequate lighting to discourage pilferage of materials.
  • Stock location systemdepending on the size of the store, nature of materials and other factors choose whether to use random or zonal.
  • MonitoringClose monitoring of customers especially for distribution warehouses. This can be improved by CCTV cameras


  • It is cheaper
  • It builds up good relationship and trust between organization and its staff.
  • Stores management will be held responsible for stock loss
  • Stores staff will be able to cover the aspect of deterioration damage and special stores.


  • Large scale theft involving the stores staff may not be uncovered.
  • Stores management staff would not be fully trained in security techniques.


 2. Use of security firm

This means making use of specialized organization that supply trained team security guards.

These measures are taken outside the warehouse building and they include;

  • Installation of security alarms – This is for alerting security officers in case of any breakage, theft or fire.
  • Installation of burglar-proof windows and doorswindows in a warehouse should be placed high to discourage material being passed through them, and also doors, should be made of metallic material to discourage easy break – in.
  • Fencingwarehouse premises should be fenced either using electric fence or ensure only one gate-pass is used, for easy checking of materials moving in and out.
  • Insurance coversock of materials represent capital, and therefore need to be insured against risks like, fire, theft, pilferage, so that compensation can be done for that loss.
  • Employ security guardthey will be manning the store during the day and night, and they will also be involved in monitoring those entering and leaving the store.


  • Trained staffs are able to cope with difficult situations.
  • Twenty four hour cover is available if required
  • It reduces the damage effect of conflict between members of the company‟s staff.


  • Very expensive
  • Friction can arise between the organization’sstaff and management because of outside intervention in case of theft.
  • Critical information about the organization can leak to outside competitors.

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