Factors Considered When Designing a Store Layout

  1. Material handling equipment to be used; Enough space should be provided to ensure that the material handling equipment can easily turn in the store.
  2. Desired Customer service level: Where high level of customer service is desired, separating receiving and issue bays may be important in reducing errors that may be incurred due to confusion that arise when the two areas are combined.
  3. Security of material; Some layout design may increase security requirement of the building while others may not. The layout should therefore be adopted basing on the ability to provide the necessary security for material stored.
  4. Dispatch and delivery vehicle requirements; When goods inward or delivery vehicle and dispatch vehicle requirement are different, for instance in height or unit load, entry and exit point in the warehouse may be located on different side of the building.
  5. The cost of operating the store; Combining receiving and issue areas enables sharing of material equipment hence reducing the investment in material handling equipment.
  6. Future plans for expansion; The layout of the warehouse should allow for future expansion, i.e. locating the receiving and the issue bays on the same side of the warehouse increases the ease and possibility for future expansion.
  7. Location of utilities and facilities; The location of facilities, utilities and other administrative rooms should be considered in adopting a particular layout design.

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