Safety General Provisions

Vessels containing dangerous liquids

(1) Every fixed vessel, structure, sump or pit containing corrosive or poisonous liquid, either be securely covered or be securely fenced to at least that height to prevent any person from falling into the vessel, structure, sump or pit.

(2) A plant referred to in subsection (1) shall have a warning notice, indicating the nature of the danger, in a form readily understood by the persons in the workplace and shall be marked on or attached to the plant or, if this is not practicable, be posted in a conspicuous location near the plant.


(1) All goods, articles and substances stored in a workplace shall be stored or stacked—

(a)  in such manner as will ensure their stability and prevent any fall or collapse of the stack;

(b) in such manner as not to interfere with the adequate distribution of natural or artificial light, the natural ventilation systems, the proper operation of machines or other equipment, the unobstructed use of passageways, gangways or traffic lanes, and the efficient functioning of sprinkler systems, the unobstructed access to other fire extinguishing equipments within the workplace;

(c) on firm foundations not liable to overload any floor.

(2) No goods, articles or substances shall be stored or stacked against a wall or partition unless the wall or partition is of sufficient strength to withstand any pressure caused thereby.


(1) Every ladder to be issued in workplace shall be of good construction, sound material adequate strength and suitable for the purpose for which it is used and shall be properly maintained.

(2) No ladder shall be used unless—

(a)  It is securely fixed in a position to prevent it from   slipping or falling, except that when this is impracticable, a person shall be stationed at the base of the ladder to prevent it from slipping or falling;

(b)  it stands on a firm and level footing except in the case of suspended ladder;

(c)  it is secured where necessary to prevent sagging;

Ergonomics at the workplace (Section76)

(1) Machinery, equipment, personal protective equipment, appliances and hand tools used in all workplaces shall comply with the prescribed safety and health standards and be appropriately installed, maintained and safe guarded.

(2) Every employer shall take necessary steps to ensure that workstations, equipment and work tasks are adapted to fit the employee and the employee‘s ability including protection against mental strain.

(3) Every manufacturer, importer and supplier or an agent of a manufacturer, importer and supplier of the machinery and equipment referred to in paragraph (1) shall ensure that the equipment complies with the safety and health standards prescribed under this Act and shall provide adequate and appropriate information including hazard warning signs.

(4) An employer shall not require or permit any of his employees to engage in the manual handling or transportation of a load which by reason of its weight is likely to cause the employee to suffer bodily injury.

Fire prevention

(1)   All stocks of highly inflammable substances shall be kept either in a fire-resisting store or in a safe place outside any occupied building.

(2)  Where highly flammable liquids are to be conveyed within a workplace they shall, where it is practicable so to do, be conveyed through a totally enclosed system incorporating pipe-lines and pumps or similar appliances but where conveyance of highly flammable liquids within a workplace through such a totally enclosed system is not practicable, they shall be conveyed in vessels which are so designed and constructed as to avoid so far as practicable, the risk of spilling.

(3)  Where in any process or operation any highly flammable liquid is liable to be spilled or to leak, all reasonably practicable steps shall be taken to ensure that any highly flammable liquid, which is spilt, or leaks shall be contained or immediately drained off to a suitable container or to a safe place, or otherwise treated to make it safe.

(4)  No means likely to ignite vapours from highly flammable liquids shall be present where a dangerous concentration of vapours from flammable liquids may reasonably be expected to be present.

(5)  No person shall smoke, light or carry matches, lighters or other flame producing articles, or smoking materials, in any place in which explosive, highly flammable or highly combustible substances, are manufactured, used, handled or stored. at or as near as possible to every place in.

Safety provisions in case of fire (Section 81)

(1) In every workplace or workroom there shall be——

(a) Provided and maintained, and conspicuously displayed and free from any obstruction so as to be readily accessible, means for extinguishing fire, which shall be adequate and suitable having regard to the circumstances of each case; and

(b)   Present, persons trained in the correct use of such means of extinguishing fire during all working hours.

(2) Every workplace shall be provided with adequate means of escape, in case of fire, for the persons employed therein, having regard to the circumstances of each case.

(3) All the means of escape referred to in subsection (2) shall be properly maintained and kept free from obstruction.

(4) The contents of any room in which persons are employed shall be so arranged that there is a free passageway for all persons working in the room to a means of escape in case of fire.

(5)All doors affording a means of exit from the workplace for the persons employed therein shall, except in the case of sliding doors, be constructed to open outwards.

(6)While any person is within a workplace for the purpose of employment or meals, the doors of the workplace, and of any room therein in which the person is, and any doors which afford a means of exit for persons employed in the workplace from any building or from any enclosure in which the workplace is situated, shall not be locked or fastened in such manner that they cannot be easily and immediately opened from the inside.

(7) Every, window, door or other exit affording means of escape in case of fire or giving access thereto, other than the means of exit in ordinary use, shall be distinctively and conspicuously marked by a notice printed in red letters of an adequate size.

(8)There shall be marked on the floor of every workroom gangways to facilitate proper arrangement of the contents of the workroom with a view to keeping all fire extinguisher points and fire exits free from obstruction and for ensuring proper housekeeping.

(9) Every occupier of a workplace shall take effective steps to ensure that all the persons employed therein are familiar with the means of escape in case of fire, and with the routine to be followed in case of fire.

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