Road Transport

This entails movement of passengers and goods by units of carriage e.g.trucks,cars,lorries,bicycles,motorcycle,buses,trailers,taxis .the roads could be earth roads/foot paths,modernhighways. The type of road of  a place depends on economic welfare of that place.


  1. It is faster over short distances.
  2. It is readily available especially in well-developed roads.
  3. Promotes industrial growth.
  4. Roads are widely spread throughout the country therefore many places are accessible
  5. It is a source of employment to drivers and conductors.
  6. Special facilities e.g. refrigerated trucks make it possible to transport perishable goods
  7. Usually flexible.


  1. Causes traffic congestion and jam especially in towns and large cities.
  2. It is slow and expensive when carrying bulky goods over long distances.
  3. They cause environmental pollution because of gases they emit to the air.
  4. It is not safe because it is prone to accidents.
  5. Bad roads may be impassible during rainy season.

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