Animals Transport

The animals used include; donkeys, camels, horses and elephants.


  1. Involves no cost where the owner of the goods to be moved owns the animal.
  2. It is relatively inexpensive where one has to hire an animal to move the goods.
  3. The animals used involve little maintenance costs.
  4. The animals can be used to transport fairly bulky goods as they can bear such loads comfortably.
  5. The animals can move the goods over fairly long distances as they are physically able to trek long distances.
  6. It is very flexible, i.e. it facilitates delivery of goods in areas that are otherwise inaccessible i.e. it enables delivery of goods on door-to-door basis.
  7. It has little negative impact on the environment in the form of pollution
  8. Not susceptible to delays occasioned by congestion or traffic jams.
  9. It is economical i.e. animals move when there is a need to do so and not on a fixed schedule.


  1. It is unsuitable for the transportation of goods that are rigid in structure e.g. furniture due to the difficulty of fastening them on to the animals.
  2. It is susceptible to adverse/extreme weather conditions e.g. heavy rainfall.
  3. It is not suitable for movement for the movement of valuable goods as they can be stolen while on transit.
  4. It does not protect goods from elements of weather e.g. rainfall and sunshine hence it may be unsuitable in the movement of goods that need special protection

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