Human Porterage

-This refers to the movement of goods by people. Goods are transported by heads, backs or by hands while the porter moves from one place to another. This is the means and oldest. Goods are small in size and light in weight.


  1. Involves no cost at all where the owner of the goods is the transporter
  2. It is inexpensive where the owner of goods has to hire somebody to transport the goods from one place to another.
  3. It is flexiblei.e. goods can be delivered on a door-to door basis.
  4. It is convenient in that it is almost always available where there are people.
  5. Does not result in pollution.
  6. Not susceptible to delays that are occasioned by congestion and traffic jams
  7. It is an economical means-it does not have a fixed schedule. Only used when needed.


  1. It does not allow for movement of goods that are bulky or heavy.
  2. Does not allow for movement of goods over long distances since human beings tire quickly.
  3. It is prone to delays due to extreme weather conditions e.g. rainstorms and high temperatures.
  4. Offers no provision for special cargo i.e. goods transported by this method may easily be ruined by rainfall.
  5. Goods are very susceptible to theft while they are on transit and therefore cannot be used to transport valuable goods.

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