Carts Transport

They are two or four wheeled mobile units that are drawn/pulled by either human beings or animals. They are made of wooden or metal crates mounted on the wheels. They are mostly used in movement of vegetables from market places to retail outlets especially in urban areas e.g.mkokoteni.


  1. They allow for movement of goods that are fairly bulky due to the space in them.
  2. They entail no cost when the owner of the goods to be transported owns the cart.
  3. They are relatively inexpensive when one has to hire them to move his/her goods.
  4. They are fairly flexible in that they permit delivery of goods on door to door basis.
  5. If drawn by animals, they can be used to move goods over relatively long distances.
  6. They involve little maintenance costs e.g. in regular replacement or servicing.
  7. They do not pollute the environment as they do not emit exhaust fumes.
  8. They are economical as they move when there is a need to do so.They doesn’t operate on fixed schedules unlike rail or air.


  1. They are unsuitable for transportation of goods over long distances as human get tired quickly.
  2. They are prone to delays occasioned by congestion and traffic jams especially in urban areas.
  3. Goods transported by this mode are susceptible to theft making this means unsuitable for valuable goods.
  4. They offer little protection against damage of goods by elements of weather.
  5. Its movement is affected by extreme weather conditions e.g. heavy rainfall.

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