Product Revision Questions

  1. Lyex a manufacturer of cooking oil has been experiencing a decline in sales of its products. Explain measure that the company could take to reverse the trend (10 marks)
  2. Give reasons for popularity of plastic packages as used by many organizations (10 marks)
  3. State 3 roles that product packaging plays in enhancing product characteristics (3 marks)
  4. State 4 characteristics of a good product package (4 marks)
  5. State 3 qualities of a good brand name (3 marks)
  6. Highlight 4 ways in which an organization may derive from branding its products (9 marks)
  7. One of the products of Beta Ltd is in the growth stage of its product life cycle. Outline 4 features of this stage (8 marks)
  8. List 3 features of a product in the decline stage of its life cycle (3 marks)
  9. Highlight 4 features of a product in the growth stage of its life cycle (8 marks)
  10. Outline 4 factors that should be taken into account when choosing a package for a new brand of product (4 marks)
  11. With the aid of a diagram, discuss the product life cycle (9 marks)
  12. Identify 3 characteristics of a product which affect product pricing (2 marks)
  13. Product characteristics that a manager should take into account when choosing a channel of distribution (8 marks)
  14. Importance of product life cycle to an organization (9 marks)
  15. Limitations of using percentage of sales as a method in determining product budget of an organization
  16. Kongo Co. Ltd uses multiple brand names for its products. Outline benefits that a company may derive from using this strategy (9 marks)
  17. Explain 5 factors that may influence the product mix of a company dealing in consumer goods (10 marks)
  18. Describe 5 characteristics of a product that is in maturity stage in product life cycle (10 marks)
  19. Explain 4 ways in which a manufacturer may use to classify consumer goods (8 marks)
  20. State 3 roles of products packaging (3 marks)
  21. Highlight 3 characteristics of convenience goods (3 marks)
  22. Zimbo Ltd is in the process of generating ideas to enable it develop a new washing detergent. Outline 6 sources of ideas that the organization could use (9 marks)
  23. Highlight 6 causes that could be attributed to products failure in market (9 marks)
  24. State 3 features of a product that may influence the type of distribution channels (3 marks)
  25. List 3 sources of information that a company may use when developing a new product (3 marks)
  26. Jumba Limited has introduced several new products in the market. Explain 4 reasons for such a move (8 marks)

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