Marketing Environment Revision Questions

  1. Outline 4 factors in economic environment which may affect marketing activities in an organization (4 marks)
  2. Demographic variables?
  3. Explain 5 legislations likely to affect operation of a business in Kenya (10 marks)
  4. Explain 6 environmental factors that influence the business buying behavior (12 marks)
  5. List 3 key issues about a competitor a market should be aware of (3 marks)
  6. Discuss 5 views of people in social-cultural environment (10 marks)
  7. Explain 4 external marketing environment factors that may affect the operations of a cooperative society (8 marks)
  8. Explain how demographic environment influences a firms marketing activities (10 marks)
  9. Describe 6 publics that may affect a firms marketing activities (12 marks)
  10. Describe 4 types of competitors that may be found in any business environment (8 marks)
  11. State 3 environmental factors that may influence organization buyers (3 marks)
  12. Describe 5 components of micro-environment that influence a firms marketing activities (10 marks)
  13. One of the environments that influence marketing operations of a firm is natural environment. Outline the recent trends in this environment that a marketing manager needs to monitor (8 marks)
  14. Describe of external publics that an organization should understand for its effective operations (8 marks)
  15. One of the factors that influence marketing activities is weather. List 3 ways in which weather influences such activities in a firm (3 marks)
  16. Outline 6 features in the political-legal environment which may influence the activities of a market oriented firm (9 marks)
  17. List 3 key issues about a competitor that a marketer should be aware of (3 marks)
  18. There are certain marketing mix elements that are unique to marketing services. List 4 such elements (4 marks)

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