Introduction to Marketing Revision Questions

  1. For exchange potential to exist there are certain activities that should be met. Outline the conditions (10 marks)
  2. Mako Ltd, a newly established organization intends to adopt the marketing concept in its operations. Explain benefits that an organization would derive from such a move (10 marks)
  3. List 3 objectives that a company may pursue (3 marks)
  4. Outline 4 circumstances under which the selling concept of marketing philosophy may be applicable (8 marks)
    Unsought goods; overcapacity; sales targets; customer relations not a priority
  5. 2 circumstances under which a company may adopt the selling concept (2 marks)
  6. Describe 5 aspects of the selling concept as applied by companies today (10 marks)
    -prescribes that consumers will not buy enough of organizations products unless it undertakes a lot of selling and promotional effort.
    -organizations must advertise their products and employ sales persons to communicate with consumers with the aim of convincing them to buy the products.
    -It is applicable for unsought goods i.e. insurance, microwave
    It aims at informing, communicating and promoting a company’s product.
  7. Explain 5 areas in which a company can differentiate itself from others in order to remain competitive (10 marks)
  8. Discuss 4 marketing principles that a company is expected to follow to meet the changing trend of society (8 marks)
  9. Highlight 4 pillars of marketing concept (4 marks)
  10. State 3 benefits that an organization could derive from adopting marketing concept philosophy ( 3 marks)
  11. Explain 6 roles of marketing in a society ( 9 marks)
  12. State 3 characteristics of satisfied customers (3 marks)
  13. Outline 3 aspects that are emphasized by marketing concept (3 marks)
  14. Describe the historical development of marketing (8 marks)
  15. Digital Ltd practices societal marketing to promote the welfare of society. Explain 6 activities that the firm may be carrying out (9 marks)
  16. Faith is a marketing student who has finished her course intends to practice business. Explain 5 entities that she can market (10 marks)
  17. Discuss 5 social criticisms of marketing (10 marks)
  18. Describe the 6 key stages in the historical development of marketing (12 marks)
  19. Explain how marketing concepts influence a firms marketing activities (10 marks)
  20. Describe 4 ethical practices that a firm should uphold when carrying its marketing activities (8 marks)
  21. Describe 6 business tools a marketing company may use to ensure customer satisfaction (12 marks)
  22. Describe 4 marketing goals that a firm may have when planning its activities (8 marks)
  23. Describe 5 business opportunities that may exist for a firm to exploit (10 marks)
  24. Describe 5 effects of marketing activities/ social activities of marketing (10 marks)
  25. Outline 4 elements of the marketing process (4 marks)
  26. Explain 6 reasons why companies should ensure that their customers are satisfied (9 marks)
  27. State 3 features of the product concept philosophy ( 3 marks)
    consumers will favor products that offer the most in quality, performance, and innovative features
    If a company designs attractive products then consumers will have to buy the product.
  28. Explain 4 roles of marketing in society (8 marks

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