Problem Solving

A problem is a difficult matter, question or task that requires a solution. It is something hard to understand, accomplish or deal with.

Problem solving is the process through which people find answers, actions or courses that effectively remove or deal with a difficult situation.


  1. At school – problem can result from poor academic performance, others are caused by disciplinary problems and interpersonal relationships among student and staff
  2. At home- domestic violence can be a problem. Lack of basic needs e.g. food and clothing. Teenagers can become rebellious and become a problem to parents
  3. Relationships-some problems arise from the way we relate with other people, these are people who are judgmental and critical and who always find fault with others some are arrogant and create problems for others and others lack courtesy.
  4. The way we perceive ourselves-when we suffer from self image it leads to low self esteem and lack of confidence.
  5. Financial problems- those who are poor lack basic needs like clothing, food and shelter, health and education. those with lots of money misuse their money on drugs and alcohol
  6. Natural calamities like earthquake. This problem is often unexpected and causes a lot of suffering to people.


The following approaches can help in problem solving:

  1. Admitting that the problem exists- this will enable us to look for ways of dealing with the problem.
  2. Being positive- problems are temporary and should not stop us from moving on
  3. Seeking guidance and counseling from counselors, religious leaders people we trust our peers they may propose possible solutions
  4. Avoid rush or irrational decisions– analyze a problem and evaluate all possible solutions so that the best one is selected
  5. Avoid alcohol and drugs– they may provide temporary relief but not solve the problem.


  1. Identify all possible choices
  2. Weigh the options
  3. Take action


Honesty-we will be truthful and analyze the options we have before cheating

Responsibility-that we bear the consequences of our actions


It’s important for us to accept we will experience problems in life some will be minor while others will be major. There are those that can be solved and those that cannot be solved, we should confront problems realistically understand possible consequences, find solutions where possible or learn to cope with the situation.

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