Leisure means a period which one spends doing other things rather than routine work.

Leisure Time refers to time available for ease and relaxation

Leisure refers to free time that we have to do what we enjoy. It is a break from normal work. It provides both mental and physical relaxation from daily routine. It involves spending ones free time in a meaningful creative manner. It is beneficial to our health that is mental, physical social and spiritual well being.

Forms of leisure

  • Active Leisure: refers to leisure activities that are meant to de-stress a person and carry the attention away from work. This could mean type of recreational activity. The primary aim is to give one a sense of self.
  • Passive Leisure: refers to an individual who cannot make a decision on leisure involvement but relies on others to make decisions for them. These are people who are easily influence to use their leisure time unconstructively

Effects of misuse of leisure time

  • Drug and substance abuse
  • HIV and AIDS infection
  • Criminal Activities



  1. Entertainment:= – Story telling, dances are forms of entertainment that people engage in during leisure time.
  2. Religious service: – Participating in religious ceremonies, helping the needy is generally done during once leisure time.
  3. Socialization: – Socializing leisure activities bring people together for sharing, entertainment and education.
  4. Relaxation and enjoyment:

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