Office premises and environment

Securing office building or space

The office building should not only be located at a suitable site, it also should be of the proper size and shape. Its design and arrangement should be such as to adequately serve the particular requirement of the enterprise

Owned office

Fully owned office has the following


  • Can be planned and designed to the exact requirements of the organization
  • Can be constructed in a suitable location to desire all the accidental advantages
  • The surplus space can be rented out
  • An attractive office building will enhance the prestige of the business with its staff, customers and the public

Buying an existing building

  • It saves time spent on construction or if its available at a bargain price
  • It may also be the only option in a specific location where all building space has already been occupied
  • But the plan and design of such buildings may not fit the exact requirements’
  • And the location may not be a suitable one
  • It’s of course possible to adapt or alter the design to suit the requirement but it will mean additional cost

Renting or leasing

  • This may be convenient
  • Arrangement for medium and small offices and newly started firms
  • Suitable where the requirements of space is limited or the business isn’t stable or permanent character
  • The cost of owning office accommodation is beyond the capacity of the firm


  • Its rarely possible to get the accommodation exactly suited to the requirements
  • To get it in the most suited location
  • Leased rented space can’t be adopted or altered suit the requirements or even possible to sub-lease surplus space


It gives management freedom to select the office space in keeping with financial capacity and the flexibility to shift the office to a better location as and when necessary

It also frees the management from maintenance costs and worries

Other aspects

  1. Size-
  2. –The size of the office building or the amount of the office space must be adequate not only for the present requirement but also for possible future expansion. The guiding principle regarding size is that it should provide adequate space for the staff and equipment to allow the most efficient performance of both.
  3. Shape large
  4. A square or a rectangular shape is better than n a narrow one as the latter will obviously necessitate much working back and forth by the office staff and may not allow the most profitable utilization of  the space.
  5. Lighting and/ventilation
  6. Good lighting and ventilation is essential for ensuring a comfortable environment and for enhancing the morale and efficiency of the staff. The office should have adequate number of large windows, skylights etc. to allow entry of maximum light and free circulation of natural air.
  7. Staff and customer convenience
  8. –Careful attention should be given to arrangement for convenience and amenities of the staff and customers. The arrangement of the rooms should be such that customers can have easy access to the department requiring frequent visits from them eg cash department, sales department etc. Adequate provision of lifts and elevators(if necessary) cloak rooms, washrooms water fountains ,canteens for the convenience of the staff.
  9. Cost of office accommodation
  10. The cost factor will be ultimately determining the final location and selection of accommodation for the office. The cost of the office not only depends on the location of the office building or space but also depends on factors like size of space, internal arrangement etc. The aim should to strike a balance between the requirement and the capacity to bear the cost.


i. Size

Size of the office building must be adequate for current and future possible expansion

-Interior decoration

It has been found from the experience that a pleasant coloring and tasteful furnishings produce a cheerful effect on the minds of workers .On the other hand a drab and groom physical surrounding depresses the mind and ultimately  affects the workers will to work. The office rooms should therefore be painted with pleasing colors and tastefully decorated to produce the desired effect.

ii. Shape

The shape may be square, rectangular long and narrow

Square or rectangular space is better than a long and narrow one as the latter will obviously necessitate much walking back and forth by office staff

iii. Lighting and ventilation

Good lighting and ventilation is essential for ensuring a comfortable environment and for enhancing the morale and efficiency of the staff

The room/building should have maximum natural light and free circulation of natural air

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