Issues and Dispatch of Goods in a Warehouse

Authorization of issues

Stock in store represents money and should not be misappropriated, wasted or improperly used.

For this reason, issues cannot be made indiscriminately and, before goods are withdrawn from the storehouse, there must be some authority before transaction. This may be in the form of a signed document, verbal instruction or routine arrangement. The normal method is to use an issue note signed in the appropriate box by an authorized person. Storekeepers should have full details of the names, designations and specimen signatures of all persons empowered to approve issue notes.

Timing of issues

So as to avoid delay in busy storehouse, there will be a routine to provide for a smooth even flow of work. Arrangements may be made for issues to some departments to made in the morning and some in the afternoon.

Issuing Documentation

Generally, material will be drawn from the stock and exchanged for as duly authorized document which will vary depending on the nature of the organization and the type of issue. Stores requisition, requirement voucher, stores indent, issues ticket/note/voucher, stores order, demand note, Kit Marshal list/note and stores schedule.


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