Introduction to Storage and Preservation of Materials

Material preservation: It is a supply chain function that entails storage of materials to protect them from any harm, damage, pilferage or destruction by environmental factors in a bid to extend their life span.

Stock location: In a large storehouse, the personnel cannot be expected to remember where everything is kept and some form of location system has to be devised. This must be done in a systematic manner. The following procedure can be followed in devising a stock location system.

  1. The storehouse area is divided into sections, each of which can be given a letter or a number.
  2. Each stack of storage fixtures in a section is also lettered or numbered commencing from one end.
  3. Each bay of shelving or racking forming a stack is similarly identified.
  4. Finally each individual bin opening has a number.

A system of this kind will provide location symbols of the following type: A: 24:3:17. This means that the item is to be found in section A, stack number 24, bay or shelf number 3 and bin number 17. The location symbol of an item may be referred to as its address. The location system is usually supported by a location index which is a complete list in vocabulary number order of all items held and their locations. The location index may be held in the storehouse or the stock record cards in the office.

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