Chambers of Commerce and Industry

These are voluntary non-trading associations of people connected with commerce, trade and industry. The membership consists of traders, brokers, bankers, industrialists and other persons engaged in trade industries or commerce.

The important services rendered by them are;

1. Make representation to government

They make representation to the government on legislation concerning commerce, trade, finance, taxes and duties, labour industrial matter etc.

2. Acts as spoken of the business community

They interpret government policies and advice the member as to the stand they have to take in such matter.

3. Collect and disseminate information

They formulate valuable statistical and other information relating to national trade , commerce , industry , shipping and general insurance.

4. Act as arbitrators

They act as arbitrators and undertake settlement of disputes among their members arising out of trade and commerce.

5. Import commercial education

They also conduct examination in various commercial subjects.

6. Organize exhibitions

They organize exhibition and fairs to popularize industrial products and thus help expansion of market.

7. Publish report and journals

They publish many useful reports and journals containing valuable information for their members and also for the public at large.

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