Categories of Life Skills

There are 3 Categories of life skills:

1. Skills of knowing and living with oneself.

  • Self awareness skills – the ability to know oneself e.g. ones abilities, emotions, strength and weaknesses.
  • Self esteem and confidence building skills the way we read ourselves, the respect we accord ourselves and the confidence we have influences and our actions, attitudes and what we achieve in life
  • Goal setting skills self evaluation, self assessment and self motivating skills.
  • Skills for managing feelings anger management, dealing with grief, coping skills for dealing with loss, abuse trauma.
  • Skills for managing stress – time management and positive training (personal abilities)

3. Skills of knowing and living with others.

People are social by nature and need to interact with others; therefore, we need skills of living with other people. Skills under this category include:

  • Negotiation and conflict management skills
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Empathy
  • Cooperation and team work
  • Advocacy skills- that is skill of influence and persuasion (interpersonal relations)

3. Skills of making effective decisions

  • Problem solving skills
  • Evaluating future consequences of our present action for self and others
  • Information gathering skills
  • Determining alternative solutions to problems
  • Critical thinking skills

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