Cancellation of Registration of a Trade Union

The registration and the certificate of registration of a registered trade union may be cancelled by the registrar

a) At the request of the trade union upon its dissolution, to be verified in such manner as the registrar may require

b) If he is satisfied that the trade union has ceased to exist

Registration of branches of trade unions  – Application for registration of a branch of a trade union shall be made by the secretary of the trade union concerned within 28 days form the date of its formation and shall be signed by the secretary.

It shall be accompanied by the prescribed fee (if any) and shall contain the following particulars:

a) The name of the union concerned, the name of the branch, the postal address of the branch office or of the place of meeting for carrying out the business of the branch

b) The titles, names, ages, addresses and occupations of all the officers of the branch

  • Whenever any branch of a trade union is dissolved, notice of dissolution shall be given by the secretary of the union concerned to the registrar who shall subject to subsection (3) and subsection (4) there upon cancel the registration of that branch
  • Before registering a branch of a trade union or canceling the registration of a branch of a trade union, the registrar may require the production of a such evidence relating to the formation or dissolution of the branch as the deems necessary.

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