It is an emotion related to perception of having been offended or wronged and it is a tendency to undo that wrong doing by retaliation. It is normal for people to express anger. Anger is healthy when the person experiencing it is able to control the emotions. We ordinarily express our anger through words. However when people are unable to control their anger they express it physically e.g. by hitting, slapping, punching, physical rage etc


  1. A memory can make you angry
  2. You may become angry when you have a problem that frustrates you and worries you.
  3. Your anger can be directed at a person or situation


  1. When you are angry, your heart beats faster, you experience muscle tension, grinding of the teeth, ringing in the hear, excessive sweating, severe head ache etc
  2. With anger one may make risky decisions
  3. People normally express anger in an aggressive manner e.g. by cursing, swearing, fighting etc
  4. Destructive behavior. With anger people do stupid things due to judgment mage while angry
  5. Anger can cause depression
  6. Anger can lead to drug and alcohol addiction


  1. Relaxation, deep breathing and repeating calming words to calm you down, reduce the intensity of your anger. This will reduce your angry feelings so that you can take better hold of your emotions.
  2. making conscious efforts not to curse or swear when angry
  3. Counseling will help you understand your anger and how to deal with anger issues.
  4. Exercise it is important to learn safe and effective ways to release your anger i.e. sleeping or going away from the situation.
  5. if you feel out of control walk away from the situation temporarily until you cool down
  6. changing the way we react to triggering situations it is the inappropriate reactions to anger that are wrong
  7. Practicing forgiveness, anger often results in resentment. This can be resolved through forgiveness.

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